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The BELSTAFF brand was born in 1924 in London. Over the years, Belstaff has specialized in the production of specific types of garments such as apparel for motorcyclists and aviators, still covering a large fashion area. Belstaff immediately became famous for the production of waterproof clothing, treated with natural oils which allow the fabric to perspirate, a technique that was subsequently copied by other companies worldwide. In 2002 the thermally insulated Sportwool fabric that protects from injuries during a fall was introduced. In 2004 the Belstaff group merged with  the "Clothing Company" group owned by the Malenotti family and in February 2005 the company made its debut in the world of high fashion parading on catwalks. For several years Belstaff has also produced Biker jackets for a fashion public. Belstaff remains the first clothing company to use 100% natural materials or, alternatively, first-quality synthetic materials, such as Belflex, a type of nylon used to achieve the jacket XL500 created in the 70s and still fashionable today.

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