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Antica Sartoria,a leading brand for beachwear, was born in Positano from the phenomenon of "Moda Positano" created by traders of the place who improvised themselves as successful tailors by shredding scarves, linen and cotton towels, bridal hope chests, or either transforming fine hand-embroidered sheets and doilies into elegant evening gowns. Those improvised tailors/traders, helped by entrepreneurs such as Benetton and Fiorucci, invented the tie-dyeing technique. By importing Indian gauze and combining it with old lace patterns stolen from homemade sets, they attracted the attention of many designers and started to produce white garments. Subsequently, the selection of available colors became greater according to the customers' requests in Positano. In an attempt to produce unique garments and while visiting antique markets, Giacomo Cinque met Riccardo Ruggiti. Together they created "Antica Sartoria", a leading brand for beachwear, producing and selling worldwide with an aim to spread Positano's culture and wholehearted spirit.

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