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Luigi Ciocca opened in Milan in 1912 the hosiery factory that is led by his grandchildrens. During the fifties, the Ciocca brand is a leader in Italy in the production of wool, cotton and other fibers socks. In the same years the production of socks is also joined by the production of knitwear. During 1929 Luigi Ciocca's son, Giuseppe joined to the company starting his experience that will allow him, very young, to take the reins company when his father prematurely died. In 1991 Giuseppe Ciocca switched to his childrens the company among the top for sales network, for the habit to reinvest in technology and research, attentive to the quality of the products and accurate in the customer service. Guidelines traced in the first century by Luigi and then followed by Joseph; industrial traditions of a 'family business that the heirs have endorsed and will intend to pursue in the future. Today the company produces to the largest wholesale and retail distribution and alsoto "private label" for renowned national and international brands.

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